Pax Pamir Reprint

Created by Wehrlegig Games

A second printing of the critically acclaimed game about power and politics in nineteenth century Afghanistan.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Happyshops Shipping Update, Golden Elephant Awards, and Wehrlegig Webstore
about 2 years ago – Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 01:33:50 AM

Hello Backers! 

It makes us so happy to see people getting their pledges over the last few weeks. As of today, we're about 75% of the way through the total fulfillment process. We're about to start our final fulfillment stage for Kickstarter and Backerkit pledges. Exciting stuff! Below are a few updates from the last couple weeks:

Happyshops/VFI Update (European/Rest-of-World Fulfillment)

The final stretch. We are so close! Late last week, Happyshops received all of the the pledges for Europe/RoW backers. They are currently preparing to ship out the first few orders. It might take them up to two weeks to get every order labeled, packed, and sent out for delivery, but rest assured they have your items and you are queued up for delivery! Keep your eyes out for email confirmations and tracking numbers from Happyshops.  

If you have not received confirmation yet, know many have not been sent yet and it's coming! There are some orders sent to VFI which were freight forwarded with other KS projects to different shipping hubs all over the world. Those email confirmations may not come until mid-Nov, as you can see here. Some regions are not listed, like UAE, which is fulfilled by VFI via Board Game Space, which have not given a shipping update yet. I've messaged VFI on all the regions not listed and await an update I will share below, but likely they will similarly arrive at all hub destinations in mid Nov.

Thank you all for your patience as we start fulfillment for the remaining backers and as always, reach out via for help. I know it's been been a long, staggered shipping process over the last several weeks and I am grateful to have such wonderful backers supporting this campaign as we move into this final act of fulfillment.

Golden Elephants!

In other news, Pax Pamir: Second Edition won the 2019 Golden Elephant Award! Cole's games have been nominated for the last 4 years, and this is the first game Cole designed that took home the prize (as well as the first Golden Elephant People's Choice Award). We are especially thrilled with this award because we thoroughly enjoyed all of the games that were nominated this year and we're so happy to see the Heavy Cardboard praise from this year's 9 judges. Feel free to check out the video from the award ceremony too. 

Webstore Update

Wished you would have gotten the metal coins or picked up another copy for a friend?

Worry not, because we are going to be rolling out our US/CA stock update next week. On Nov 5th at 11AM CST, our webstore will be open for new US and Canada orders. Since we have finished fulfillment in these regions, we will start accepting new sales for the limited stock from this campaign. As with our Kickstarter and Backerkit pledges, new US/CA orders will ship from Funagain games or Pick and Pack as stock allows. We are hoping to roll out availability for AUS/NZ and European fulfillment later in November/December, but not until all KS/Backerkit pledges have been fulfilled for EU/RoW backers.

Need help? Worried about something?

As always, if you have a question about your order, we would be happy to help you sort it out. The best way to reach us is over email by contacting from your KS/Backerkit-associated email. If you receive Pax Pamir and something is missing or damaged, please send us pictures of the damage and submit a replacement request here. If you have a general question, feel free to comment below too!


Thanks again everybody!


Fulfillment News & other bits
about 2 years ago – Thu, Oct 08, 2020 at 09:54:56 PM

Hellooooo! Drew here with another update and some resources for people just now getting their pledges from this campaign. 

Fulfillment progress

Though we are at different stages of fulfillment, Pax Pamir is still getting sent around the world this month and I wanted to let folks know where we are at. We are nearly done with CAN fulfillment, totally done with AUS/NZ, various stages for pledges shipped from VFI (per my last update, many are still queued up for fulfillment at their local shipping center), and about 1/2 way though US fulfillment as of today! 

If you have not been notified about your pledge, worry not! Your delivery info has been safely uploaded to our shipping partners and they are preparing for fulfillment. At this rate, we're hoping the remaining US-bound packages are packed by the end of this week / early next week. The pledges on the EU-bound vessel to Germany will be making landfall soon, and along with our remaining language localizations, will be headed to Happyshops later this month. We're hoping they make it by the end of next week. For many EU orders, it still maybe a few weeks before Pax Pamir is headed your way, so again I am asking for patience as we move closer to fulfillment from Happyshops! I'll certainly share any updates I get from Happyshops or VFI about their progress in another update or in the comments on this post.

Replacement Components + Damage Claims

Though we proudly work with one of the best game manufacturers in the industry, it is inevitable that some units may have some missing or damaged components. We hope to give our backers the best possible support we can for our games. This is an expensive game, and we've set aside some of our funding to support replacement parts and fulfillment. As long as we have replacement parts for Pax Pamir, we're happy to send owners of Pax Pamir the parts they need to play. Please simply just fill out this Pax Pamir Second Edition Replacement Component Request Form and we'll review and upload these requests periodically:

We will be transitioning to replacement part fulfillment once this project wrap ups at Funagain Logistics. So it maybe a few weeks before we start fulfilling replacement orders. They handle all of our replacement component orders, and also handle many damage claim shipments. They have done a great job carefully shipping missing parts around the world and usually ship parts requests quite quickly.

If you have any questions about your game, you are more than welcome to write us at with  any specific requests. If your copy of Pamir is damaged from shipping, please take photos and send us a message directly over email with PAX PAMIR REPRINT SHIPPING DAMAGE in the subject line so we can keep track of damage claims. We expect a small fractional percentage of the parcels will get damaged during handling and we have some games and add-ons set aside to make sure all backers get their pledge in good condition.

The Strangest, Smallest Error (Update Pack Only) 

We noticed over the weekend that there are two minor graphical differences on the replacement court cards. Though we amended the card descriptions to correct for some non-gameplay typos, these cards included in the update pack no longer have the 0.5pt black stroke that separates the region symbol from the impact icons and have also lost their ID numbers. Cole did a careful audit of the files and isn't exactly sure how this error happened. Thankfully it doesn't impact play in any way. That said, for the people that own the first printing that got this update pack, we sincerely apologize for this oversight and sadly won't be able to print another set of update cards to replace the update cards. Cole is certainly frustrated that he missed this too! I hope the new ruler tokens and inclusion of the Wakhan errata will make you feel that your set is more than complete despite this little glitch.

Learn to play

While we are proud of the rulebook in Pax Pamir, it may not be everyone's preferred way to learn rules these days. There have been some great learn to play videos for Pamir that have been posted on YT and BGG, so I figured I'd plug one really great, comprehensive teaching video here as well in case you wanted another great place to start.


Okay, that's plenttttty for now. Thanks again everybody. Hopefully the next update will be our last one (?!) as we wrap up fulfillment and talk about what's next for John Company, which Cole wrote a bit on twitter regarding JoCo development from this last weekend. More on all of that later, but in short, the work continues! As always, feel free to reach out directly to us over email or comment below.

Stay well!


Regional Shipping Updates
about 2 years ago – Wed, Sep 23, 2020 at 06:52:47 PM

Hi everyone!

It's been a little over a month since my last check in. Worry not, Pax Pamir continues to move around the world and will be coming your way soon! Some Backers have started to receive their orders, while most pledges are in transit still. Below are regional updates about the orders sorted by our shipping partners and the destinations that they serve.


The shipment headed to Australia has been received and unloaded by Aetherworks, and they are starting the fulfillment process for Pax Pamir for AUS and NZ. We locked addresses and Aetherworks will be fulfilling these pledges over the coming days. Please keep an eye out for your shipping notice sent to your Backerkit email address with tracking information.

Pick and Pack

The shipment headed to Canada is now off the vessel and headed to Pick and Pack Logistics, outside of Toronto. We’ve locked addresses for CAN orders and they will be starting fulfillment in a couple weeks. I believe we are still on track for the shipment to arrive to their warehouse before the month is out, though it won't be until October before they start fulfillment.  We have locked addresses and PNP will be fulfilling these pledges over the coming weeks! As with our other partners, keep an eye out for your shipping confirmation email with tracking info!


The US-bound vessel will be making port soon, and, if it clears customs quickly, the shipment will arrive in Medford, OR later this month. Though this area has been wracked by wildfires, we’ve been keeping close contact with our friends on the west coast, and they’ve assured us that their Medford warehouse is still their best location to receive and fulfill Pax Pamir. Since we are now officially on the scale of weeks away from fulfillment, we will send out final confirmations for shipping destinations, like we have for the other regions. If you do not need to make any changes to your shipping address, you are already set! All shipping addresses will lock on 9/24. Once orders start shipping, you’ll receive tracking information in an email from Funagain Logistics, so keep an eye out for that later in October.


Our shipment headed to Germany will be used to fulfill a wide range of orders. From inside and out of the EU, Happyshops will be fulfilling orders all around the world. If your country was not explicitly mentioned in one these shipping hub updates, your pledge will be fulfilled from Happyshops! This shipment still has a while to travel on its vessel. It will be soon passing through the Suez Canal and headed to the port at Hamburg before the land transport to Happyshops. We’re still optimistic the games will clear customs, arrive at Happyshops, get organized for fulfillment and start shipping to backers by the end of October. I ask for your patience as we all watch the progress of this EU-bound shipment over the coming weeks. When I get updates about its progress I will make a comment below until my next update (which will likely come in mid Oct).

VFI Asia

VFI ships pledges directly from their warehouse as well as ships games to other local fulfillment partners they work closely with to fulfill pledges. It is too costly to directly freight a few games to each SEA country receiving Pax Pamir, so VFI does great work splitting shipments and working with these local partners for fulfillment. VFI will ship all CN/HK/MO orders direct, and most small orders int'l, but if you pre-ordered at least 1 copy of Pamir, it will be freighted to a local partner in/near your destination country before it is then packaged for fulfillment. Below is the list countries VFI and local fulfillment partners that VFI is forwarding games to (->)

UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia -> Board Game Space // Indonesia -> Monopolis // Isreal -> Liam Games // Japan -> Saikorodo // South Korea -> BoardM // Mexico -> Draco Studios // Malaysia -> Kohii // Philippines -> Gaming Library // Singapore -> Team Board Game // Thailand -> Battlefield //Taiwan -> Mr. Dexler // Vietnam -> Boardgame VN // South Africa -> Solarpop

These partners/VFI will send confirmation emails to backers when their orders ship. This multi-staged approach allows us to ship more games without additional VAT charges, and keep more orders safe from damages and getting lost in international transit. The timeline for fulfillment from these local partner hubs will vary, so there maybe a couple more weeks before delivery for pledges that started out at VFI.

What's new with John Company?

Cole and I are continuing work on a new edition of John Company and the project continues to move forward apace. The new edition development has been a fascinating project. In some respects, we've been able to put the many hard lessons learned from Pamir to work, but there are plenty of fresh challenges too. This game is going to be really special, and we cannot wait to show you what we have been working on. In terms of schedule, Cole is hesitant to commit to anything, but it now seems more likely that we'll be doing this Kickstarter sometime in early 2021. This delay in Kickstarter has less to do with the current state of the game's development, and more to do with the fact that we want to go to Kickstarter with a game that is closer to production so that we minimize any development risk. 

All that said, I think we'll be able to start sharing more specifics about the new edition within a couple months. 


As always if you have any questions about your shipping or Pax Pamir, feel free to ask it in the comments below, and if you have a specific request for your pledge, message us directly at 

Thanks for all the support and patience as we begin the next stage of fulfillment!


The next few months
over 2 years ago – Wed, Aug 12, 2020 at 04:00:12 AM

Hello Backers!

Drew here. How about I share some Pax Pamir news?

Timeline update

First off, I’m happy to report that we are still on schedule for Pax Pamir Reprint!

Manufacturing is nearly complete. The finished games are being assembled and prepared for the freight process right now. The entire project will be ready to leave the factory in just about one week!

The print run is split into small shipments which will go to different regional fulfillment centers. From those fulfillment hubs, our fulfillment partners will pack your order for delivery. Because these fulfillment hubs are all over the world, some of the shipments will take several weeks to arrive before fulfillment can start.

For anyone interested in seeing where on earth their copy of Pax Pamir is during this freight process, I will share the cargo vessel tracking information from our freighter in the comments of this update (once I learn the names of the container ships). You can simply just search the name of the vessel on a site like MarineTraffic so you can check it out as Pamir travels across the ocean to the regional hubs!

Important Dates

On Aug 24, we will process Backerkit balances. Also on Aug 24th, we plan to send out shipping addresses confirmation emails based on your region. Please keep a look out to confirm your delivery address soon.

I’m also thrilled to say that over the next few months, backers will start receiving their pledge! Around 99% of the pledges will have tracking,  so keep an eye out for an email confirmation from one of the following fulfillment partners when your pledge ships.

Fulfillment Partners


Our South East Asia fulfillment partner will be the first hub receiving their shipment. SEA regional orders will be sent out with tracking information starting at the end of August, but SEA fulfillment can vary widely since they may be working with multiple other shipping companies to get the orders safely delivered in each country. It is especially important that SEA backers confirm/update their delivery address as their orders will be going out first!


Australia and New Zealand orders will arrive to Aetherworks in mid September and  AU/NZ fulfillment will start as soon as late September! 

Funagain, Snakes and Lattes, and Happyshops

Our US, Canada, and European fulfillment partners (Funagain, Snakes and Lattes, and Happyshops, respectively) will receive their shipments in late September. This means that US, CA, EU, UK, and all other Int’l pledges will be sent out for delivery across October as planned. Happyshops will be fulfilling nearly all of our other International pledges, including delivering to backers in South America, Africa, and Asia.

It’s also important to note though these timelines are realistic, they may change. This has been a strange year for all of us, and operational changes all over the world are affecting shipping timelines. Sometimes, there are delays outside of our control (like a shipment requiring extra time to clear customs and move through port check-points). We’ve allowed some extra buffer time into the shipping schedule to hopefully accommodate for any customs delays, but we are not setting any hard fulfillment dates quite yet. I am continually grateful for your patience as we cautiously, and optimistically, move forward with our shipping plan.

Heavy Cardboard Nomination

Lastly, I wanted to let you all know that Pax Pamir: Second Edition was nominated for the 2019 Golden Elephant Award! We’re sharing the spotlight with a bunch of incredible games from 2019: Bios: Origins, Pax Transhumanity, Pipeline, City of the Big Shoulders, and Barrage. 2019 was a big year for us getting Pamir off the ground, so we're continually humbled to have our work played and celebrated. Thanks to the Heavy Cardboard crew for the nomination!

Okay, that's all! As always, feel free to drop a comment below or send us a message at if you have any questions. Be well everyone.


Timeline Update
over 2 years ago – Fri, Jul 03, 2020 at 01:27:12 AM

Hi everyone,

Drew here. Today, I'd like to share a short and important update on the project timeline.

We are currently in mass-production for the 2nd printing Pax Pamir 2ndEd. Our games (including all the language-localized copies) and add-ons will continue to be made for the next several weeks leading up to their departure from the factory to our regional fulfillment centers.  We originally pitched October 2020 for delivery Kickstarter and we are still generally on that mark.

As of now,  it looks like some backers will get their orders in late September, while others might be waiting until November. Most orders will be ship to backers in October. A lot will depend on freight schedules, customs checks, ports, and other int’l shipping variable. If we have major delays because of global logistics upending, we will absolutely share what we learn with backers.

Let's talk through the next steps:

We plan to lock orders on July 31st. This means that if you wish to change any add-on selections on your pledge (via the Backerkit Pledge Manager), you can do so until the 31st. We will be locking orders and confirming our  shipping plan with our partners before we send Pax Pamir to each fulfillment hub. July 31st will also be the last day to late-pledge for Pax Pamir at the Kickstarter price of $70 on our Backerkit store front too. Though your order will be locked after July 31st, we are not locking addresses until we are much closer to fulfillment. 

Starting on August 24th, all Backerkit balances will be charged as we prepare to ship Pax Pamir. For some Backers that pledged on Kickstarter, this will be the difference between the pledged amount and your Backerkit total from add-ons and shipping costs. For our late-pledge backers, this charge will be for your entire order with shipping. If your card on file has expired or needs updated, don't worry. You’ll get an automated message if the order does not go through, and we’ll attempt to process payment in the days to follow. If you are unsure about your orders status, send us a message and we’d be happy to resend your Backerkit link for you to review.

Lastly, because we are shipping Pax Pamir Reprint internationally to independent fulfillment centers across the world, some backers will receive their order before others. We will require all backers to confirm delivery addresses on Sept 7th. We will then start a rolling fulfillment schedule, depending on your region. Sept→Nov.

If you do not need to make any changes to your order or delivery information, no further action is required.

You are always welcome to comment below or send us a question about your pre-order,

That’s plenty for now. As always, we remain humbled to have you here with us as we continue through this year.